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Over the years, multiple performance optimization guides, recommendations, and tools have come to try to address the ever-important issue of optimization.

To try to make optimization more accessible to beginner server owners, while also not omitting important information and nuance that is often required to properly bring results in your performance optimization attempts, we released a free discord bot that people can use to analyze their timings report.

This bot is a fork of Botflop and has been almost completely overhauled in terms of recommendations, alerts, etc.

What can it do?

A tool is only as useful as the features it provides. I've made a list of details that the discord bot will provide to users:

  • Recommended spigot.yml, paper.yml, bukkit.yml,, purpur.yml, tuinity.yml configurator
  • Plugins list analyser. Checks for redundancies for features; notifies about plugins that may cause performance issues and need configured/replaced with alternatives.
  • A calculation to verify if RAM is enough for the server.
  • Verifying the server version used, and brings information and recommendations.
  • Verifying java version (Hotspot, OpenJ9 notifications, old version checks, etc)

We're planning to expand the system significantly, to hopefully make the project more in-depth. From providing information based on game mode type (eg: Survival, SkyBlock, BedWars) to allowing free notifications of security issues and ways to resolve them via PM to warn people about issues in the mc community.

How can I use it?

Currently, the bot can be seen in production on the EntryRise discord server, you can also add the bot to your server or you can see it on our git repository (Required packages below). We hope that you will contribute to the project, notify us about issues and help us make server timings analysis more easy and accessible to end users.

Feature: Analyze timings reports

Paste a timings report to review an in-depth description of potential optimizations. You can try it out yourself on our Discord

Timings 1

Timings 2

Feature: Automatically convert files to pastes


Misc commands


Python packages

We require a few packges for this bot. You can easily install them via pip.

  • discord
  • aiohttp
  • requests
  • PyYAML
  • python-decouple


Feel free to fork. We request that you please give credit in some way, but you can do whatever you'd like with your forks. This is itself a fork of Botflop.