LagAssist is a plugin that provides tools to prevent, analyse or resolve lag.
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# _ _ _
# | | /\ (_) | |
# | | __ _ __ _ / \ ___ ___ _ ___| |_
# | | / _` |/ _` | / /\ \ / __/ __| / __| __|
# | |___| (_| | (_| |/ ____ \\__ \__ \ \__ \ |_
# |______\__,_|\__, /_/ \_\___/___/_|___/\__|
# __/ |
# |___/ By EntryRise
# This is the default configuration. We suggest using it as it is.
# If you need help configuring it, please visit our dedicated Discord Server.
# Smart cleaner removes mobs based on the below configuration...
# TIP: This will not remove named mobs, even if they are in the list.
# This follows the vanilla rule - don't despawn named entities, which
# players are already accustomed to.
# Do you want the system to be in whitelist or blacklist mode?
# TIP: Whitelist - All except these get deleted ; Blacklist is the opposite
whitelist: false
# The plugin will begin to cull mobs if the TPS drops below the set value.
# EG: If TPS is under 16, LagAssist will begin to cull mobs that are named below.
# TIP: Set to 0.0 to disable it.
maxtps-cull: 16.0
# Automatically disable mob spawning if TPS is under this value.
# EG: If TPS is under 14, LagAssist will disable mob spawning.
maxtps-disablespawn: 14.0
# List of the mobs that will get removed (or kept) by the smart-cleaner - (depending on whitelist or blacklist)
# Mob names: htttps://
- "HUSK"
- "BAT"
# For Creative Servers
# For Factions Servers
# The smart stacker system allows you to efficiently stack mobs in a chunk based on a
# cubic chunk splitting system. This algorithm is extremely light-weight compared
# to past stacking algorithms, which means more performance left for your server.
# Should we enable the smart stacker system?
enabled: false
# Run stack check when a mob spawns.
spawn-check: true
# (!) Do NOT enable the BElOW setting under any circumstances (unless you have had explicit guidance from us)
pre-spawn-check: false # <-- DO NOT ENABLE
# Should we try to stack mobs when they change splits?
# Disabling it may improve performance, but it's not recommended since it disables
# stacking when moving from one chunk to another.
split-change-check: true
# Should players always see stacked mob tags?
# (!) Setting to false will make it so you can only see mob stacking when hovering over a mob
tag-visibility: true
# (!) You must keep {size} or stacking will break
tag-format: "&f{type} &cx{size}"
# What spawn reasons should be allowed for mob stacking.
# Use ALL to allow all mobs to stack, or alternatively use any value from here:
- "ALL"
# What entity types you want to be stackable.
# Mob names: htttps://
# - "ZOMBIE"
# - "BLAZE"
# - "WITCH"
# - "SPIDER"
# - "EVOKER"
# The amount of vertical splits per chunk (Must divide 256). A lower amount makes the stacking area go down and thus
# improves compatibility with farms.
# (!) Setting it under 4 is not recommended. We reccomend 8 or 16.
splits: 8
# Should we remove all stacked mobs when the plugin is disabled? (DISABLED FEATURE)
# (!) Highly suggested to be left on true, since it can help a lot with TPS. It
# also prevents the algorithm having to search the old mobs when the chunk issue
# empty which is a huge bonus.
# (!) If left on false, the system will do stacking on chunk enable.
# shutdown-clean: false <-- DO NOT ENABLE
# Should we amplify drops to get the approximate value of what those mobs would drop
# if they were to be killed one by one?
drops-fix: true
# What's the highest amount a stack can get to? Since there's a limit of 1 stack per
# split, it's useful to keep this higher.
max-stack: 500
# The min-stack feature allows you how many mobs should be in a split before attempting to stack them.
# This can help retain some vanilla behaviour, but will have a negative effect on performance. Due to
# popular demand, it was added as the overall stacker should STILL be better performance wise than the
# alternatives, but don't set a min stack size if performance is your key concern.
# (!) To still have decent performance impact, LagAssist uses caching, which may result in the actually
# mob counts that are checked to stack to slightly differ. This should not be very noticeable.
min-stack: 0
# This section deals with custom handling for damage for stacked mobs.
# What damage causes should be multiplied by the stack count.
# (!) This helps with farms. For example, multiplying fall damage fixes
# drop farms.
- "FALL"
- "VOID"
# Entity Comparison is used to prevent 2 similar entities from being stacked together.
# Extremely useful when you want to retain vanilla-like gameplay.
sheep: true
pig: true
slime: true
villager: false
tameable: true
horse: true
# Checks for the approximate age of the mob
ageable: false
# This is a simple mob modifier. It changes how some mobs behave to improve the server performance.
# Disable armorstand gravity. This might help with creative servers which have a lot of armorstands.
no-armorstand-gravity: false
# Disable slime splitting, approximating the drops and health of a vanilla confrontation. This is very
# useful for larger than vanilla slimes.
# NOTE: This also helps for vanilla slimes, but shouldn't (in my opinion) be used unless there is
# lag from slimes.
simple-slime: false
# Micro features represent simple yet effective ways to reduce lag. It generally includes simple to implement
# features that would otherwise not need their own section.
# Optimize farms by automatically destroying crops that are near a piston facing them.
# Helps reduce the need of redstone for these farms. Really useful on 1.8.8 factions servers.
enable: false
# Two versions (flattening and pre)
# Fixes issue with redstone item spam causing lag on the server.
enable: false
# Blocks that will increase the counter/
message: "&cStop interacting with this block so fast!"
# How much to increment each interact?
increment: 20
# Max value before showing the message
max: 80
# This feature stack growables in a chunk and only drops items on a full stack.
# IT should reduce the entity counts in the chunk, and can help on servers where
# chunkhoppers are not fully adopted.
# (!) Not recommended for servers that do not have extremely huge farms, as the
# drops from smaller farms will get delayed.
enable: false
# What is the stack size? Amounts over 64 won't render.
stacksize: 64
# Laggy Chunk detection. You can fiddle around and find the best settings for your
# server.
# TIP: Find what kind of tiles or entities lag your server and set them a proper lag score
# here. The default values should be fine, but finding the best settings for yourself is always
# the best way.
# Teleport command that will be issued when you click the text.
# PLACEHOLDERS: {x}, {y}, {z}, {chunkx}, {chunkz} {world}
# TIP: Set it to a command that you like. This can be used to automatically clear lag in chunks, unload it, etc.
tp-cmd: "lagassist tpchunk {world} {chunkx} {chunkz}"
# Score at which the server will consider the chunk laggy and make it appear in the list. You should fiddle around with it so it only shows
# the chunks that you want it to find.
# TIP: The amount of chunks /lagassist chunkanalyse will show.
# (It will always show the top (amount value) laggiest chunks.)
ammount: 10
# Entity & Material names for laggy values.
# Materials:
# Entities:
# Tile Entities:
# TIP: Only detects Tile entities & entities. Normal blocks aren't ticked. This means that it would lag if we were to check the normal blocks.
# At the same time, normal blocks don't lag the server.
# -------------
# -------------
chest: 1
trapped_chest: 2
burning_furnace: 3
sign: 1
# Beacons don't really lag the server, but they usually appear in laggy chunks due to them being placed near grinders & automatic farms.
# High score due to their rarity.
beacon: 35
hopper: 6
note_block: 4
piston_extension: 5
dispenser: 10
# Mob spawners really lag the server. We suggest setting a high score for them.
mob_spawner: 60
# --------------
# --------------
# Players themselves. They have a decent score due to them being a source of lag (they create farms, afk at them, etc)
player: 15
# Normal mobs that are found in a chunk. Set the value to a moderate one. They don't lag the server so much.
# Creeper score slightly higher due to the explosion that could lag the server a bit.
zombie: 2
spider: 2
skeleton: 2
creeper: 3
# Passive mobs. Might signal some custom spawner farms. They are pretty optimised in AdvancedSpigotTweaks though.
cow: 1
pig: 1
# Thrown items. Don't pose a huge issue due to them being optimised by AdvancedSpigotTweaks. The endereye (ender_signal) might
# mean there is a end portal nearby, that might mean more activity (and thus, lag). Egg can spawn mobs and such has a higher score.
ender_signal: 5
egg: 3
fishing_hook: 2
ender_pearl: 2
snowball: 2
arrow: 1
# Static entities might lag the server, but it all depends. They usually signal a big player city, and such is related to lag.
painting: 2
item_frame: 3
armor_stand: 4
# Stacked items & XP do not lag the server as much. If you use AdvancedSpigotTweaks, keep that in mind.
# Fireworks might lag the server, especially if they have big explosions.
dropped_item: 2
experience_orb: 3
firework: 8
# Bosses have complex abilities that might lag your server. The ability entities can also offer additional proof the
# bosses are actively fighting.
ender_dragon: 85
ender_crystal: 10
wither: 55
wither_skull: 20
# TNT is a severe lag issue. We recommend setting primed TNT (activated TNT) to a higher score. Remember that a TNT by
# itself doesn't lag as much, but they are used in mass numbers in cannons, etc.
# minecart_tnt are even bigger of an issue due to their moving mechanics.
primed_tnt: 7
minecart_tnt: 15
# Highly active entities. Includes entities that do many checks, and are used for mechanics.
minecart_hopper: 20
minecart_mob_spawner: 80
endermite: 5
# Chunk-Manager System.
# Should we enable the chunk-manager? It can highly help with memory issues if you have too many loaded chunks.
# NOTE: You need to have the max view distance set in your file.
# (!) This feature will only work on Paper servers.
enabled: false
# What is the maximum amount of chunks you want all players to be able to load at once.
# TIP: The view distance is calculated using this formula:
# EG: If the max chunks are at 6500, and you have 100 players online
# your view distance would be at 4.
# (!) In order for this to work, please set your view distance in
# both & spigot.yml to the minimum view distance you
# want to set.
max-chunks: 5000
# (!) Try making it larger progressively. Sometimes it's safe to limit it
# at a smaller view distance.
max-view: 12
#LagMeasures Config
# Lag measures automatically runs anti-lag actions if the server has
# under a set amount of TPS. To configure the TPS values, look for
# the max TPS setting in all LagAssist systems.
# Announce the lag cleaning in the console and chat.
# Show players that the lag-cleaning has occured.
enabled: false
# Should we show the staff a different, more exact message of lag-measures?
# Permission node: lagassist.notify
staffmsg: true
message: "&c&lLag&f&lAssist &e» &fRemoving server lag..."
# Set the time between the lag-cleaning cycles.
# We suggest keeping it on 6000 as the fact that it disables redstone
# machines might annoy some players if it is done too often.
# TIP: Time is measured in ticks. 1 second has 20 ticks. E.g for 60 seconds, set to 60 * 20 = 1200
# (For 10 second interval, set to 200)
# Default: 6000 ticks - 3 minutes interval
timer: 6000
# RedstoneCuller Tweaks
# Chance from 1 to 100 for the redstone to break. If you don't think
# redstone could lag your server, disable it.
# The breaker system griefs some redstone from Players' contraptions in
# order to prolongue the effect of the cull. If it is set to 0, it will
# be harder to get rid of redsotne lag, because players can just start
# their farms & Lag Machines back up in a matter of seconds.
# TIP: The chance doesn't need to be too big in order for their farms to
# break. The system triggers for all of the active redstone trails and will
# break X percent of the track. Remember that even if you have chance 2, if
# we have 100 redstone, you will still have an effect on them.
# (!) TO disable set chance to 0.
# It is highly recommended to set to 2-5 to prevent people from simply re-starting their
# lag machines after they are culled. Most malicious users will and will not care that they
# have to spend hours babysitting their lag machine.
chance: 0
# What blocks do you want to be affected by the redstone culler. This allows you
# to prevent pressure plates or other valuable blocks that don't necessarily cause
# lag to be protected from the culler.
# After how many ticks should the redstone be checked if the signal changes? A too small value
# will not stop clocks, and a too large value will make destructive checks less effective.
# TIP: The recommmended value for destructive checks is 10-30; and 50-70 without.
ticks: 60
# Destructive checks. Implemented to combat Observer lagmachines, which can bring
# a I7-4770k machine to it's knees quite easily. It listens for singal changes and
# removes all observers that go over a set value.
# Lag-Machine example:
# (!) This should be safe, but at the same time, don't enable it without any reason.
# These lag machines are not found very often, and there is no reason to try fix them
# if everything works fine.
# Should we enable destructive checks?
enabled: false
# How many updates should the observer do in order to remove it? We recommend the default value.
value: 16
# Automatic Redstone culling will occur if TPS is under this value.
# EG: If TPS is under 19, LagAssist will cull redstone each time the monitor runs.
# TIP: Set to 0.0 to disable it.
maxtps: 19.0
# Disable hopper crafting. Hoppers are one of the issues non-minigame server owners have to face. Enabling this
# check allows you to make hoppers more rare. This won't really affect farms, but will make them more efficient.
# Hoppers are easy to craft in vanilla minecraft, and this makes them to get overused (>100 HOPPERS/FARM)
enabled: false
reason: "&c&lLag&f&lAssist &e» &fHopper crafting has been disabled."
# Sabotage hoppers in order to defer players from using them. This
# will break huge farms in a while, and has a bigger chance of destroying
# large hopper lines instead of single hoppers. (multyply by how many)
# TIP: This is is not percent, it is per10mille (X in 10000 chance).
# Don't set it too big. If you set it to 1 or 2, it will make sure
# huge afk farms will break and won't lag your server for actually
# active players, while also not annoying the less-extreme players.
# Disable by setting it to 0.
chance: 0
# Make item drops go directly into hoppers. This was designed with
# factions servers in order to replace plugins like crophoppers and
# in general improve performance for many hopper drops.
# Should we enable chunk hoppers? They will catch all items
# that aren't dropped by players and are ine items list and
# place it in the chosen hopper.
enabled: true
# What mode do you want to use for chunk hopper additions
# FIRST - Uses first hopper that is available
# RANDOM - Get a random hopper (may help with logistic speed)
# CLOSEST - Uses hoppers in ordered by their range to the item.
mode: "RANDOM"
# How do you want chunk-hoppers to be defined?
# DEFAULT - All hoppers become chunk-hoppers. Useful for already
# established servers that haven't used them in the current
# season or wipe.
# NAME - Hoppers being named customly are chunk-hoppers. Will reduce
# the amount of hoppers that need sorted and thus will possibly
# improve performance (if they are properly advertised on the server)
define: "&eChunk &fHopper"
# The filter system allows you to give players the ability to filter what items the chunk hoppers will pick. It is really useful
# for creating simple & performance efficient filters, along with incentivising people to use chunk hoppers.
# The default items that chunk hoppers should pick up. This is used in case a hopper doesn't have a custom filter.
# (!) In case you use the custom hopper filter, please make sure to set the slots larger than the amount of slots in default.
- "BONE"
# The name that the filtering GUI should have. This can be used to customize the looks of the
# filter system.
name: "&d&lHopper Filter"
# This represents the size of the GUI that the filter represents. Tweaking these settings allows
# you to choose how complex a filter can get.
# (!) Must be a multiple of 9.
size: 18
# Mob hoppers allow people to instanly funnel spawner mob drops to chunk hoppers. It works using the filter that is found above.
# Players will have to add a mob spawnegg to the hopper to allow it to catch the respective mob.
# (!) Note: Mob Hoppers currently only work on 1.13+ servers.
# This check can be used to alleviate lag during extreme lag sessions, or used temporarily. While we suggest
# keeping it on all the times, if your players don't mind having to have their grinder account for it, you can
# make it only run when the server lags.
# (!) To disable mob hoppers from working, just set maxtps to 0.
# We suggest 17 if you want it temporary, or 20 if you want it permanent.
maxtps: 0.0
# The reasons that the mob hopper will work for. This allows you to exclude normal mob
# spawns from being funneled to the chunk hopper.
# Multiplying the drop amount can help you fiddle with mob spawns without changing the
# amount players win from a hopper, effectively tuning performance drastically without
# negatively affecting the players.
multiplier: 1
# Entity Materials represent the materials that will allow their respective mobs to
# get caught in mob hoppers.
zombie: "ROTTEN_FLESH"
creeper: "GUNPOWDER"
skeleton: "BONE"
# Automatically sell items that appear in this list before attempting to place them in the chunkhopper.
# Useful and efficient replacement for autosell chests. Requires Vault to function.
# Should we enable the sellhopper system?
# (!) To enable, please also add the "lagassist.sellhopper.PERCENTAGE" permission to the player.
# Example: lagassist.sellhopper.70 gives the player 70% of the price.
enabled: false
# The amount users will be paid at the end of the payout session. The payout session is used to prevent
# lag.
# The limiter allows you to limit the amount of mobs & tiles there are on a single chunk.
# This system can be used to deny abusing spawning mobs, minecarts, etc.
# The soft-limit represents the limit to where mobs will be allowed to spawn in the chunk.
# The hard-limit represents the limts to where mobs will be removed when brought from other chunks (eg: Water slides or rails)
# This allows you to limit mobs while also allowing them to move between chunks.
# The amount of time between chunk cleans. Setting it to a small amount can make your server have more lag,
# while a larger amount may mean a longer time between checks
timer-time: 1200
# Should the limiter ignore named mobs?
ignore-named-mobs: false
# The maximum limit of mobs that can spawn per chunk. Set this to a larger number, and use
# the per-limit system to set limits for certain types of mobs.
total-limit: -1
# Dropped items are here because we don't want dropped items not to spawn.
dropped_item: 200
entity2: -1
#armor_stand: 20
entity1: 100
#armor_stand: 100
# The maximum limit of tile entities that can be placed per chunk. Note that there are
# very many types of tile entities, and they don't produce so much lag. This has limited
# uses for lag prevention, but may be used for other tasks.
# (!) Set to '-1' to disable it.
total-limit: -1
#crafthopper: 16
#craftchest: 128
tileentity1: -1
tileentity2: -1
# Anti Spawner-Lag implementation for large servers with a lot of spawners.
# Should we enable the spawner check?
enabled: true
# Should we break spawners with a set chance (permille)? This highly helps
# severs where spawners are very easily procured.
breaker: false
# What chance (permille) should we have.
# EG: If you set it to 5, the chance will be 5/1000 which is 1/200;
chance: 5
# Custom spawner implementation. This should work with all spawner
# plugins, like EpicSpawners or SilkSpawners.
# Delay in ticks between mob spawner spawns.
delay: 300
# (!) 1.12 ONLY FEATURES
# How many mobs should we spawn. This can greatly lower the mob lag
# from mob-spawners.
min: 1
max: 2
# How spread out we should spawn the entities. We recommend keeping it lower.
spawnrange: 3
# The maximum distance a player can be in order for the spawner to be active.
player-range: 12
# Automatic Spawner-Check activator. This will have no effect if the check is
# disabled.
# EG: If TPS is under 16, LagAssist will start modifying how the spawners work.
# TIP: Set to 0.0 to disable it.
maxtps: 16.0
# The Physics system disables laggy or ununsed game mechanics that might lag your server. The physics system can
# be set to be enabled on start or by using /lagassist.
# TIP: Disabling it here won't actually remove the checks when you use /lagassist. If you want some checks to
# work, please add them here.
# Should we disable physics just as the server starts?
# TIP: It can be used to modify gameplay features.
# For example, you can disable decay, fire & melting for a build server.
enabled: false
# Automatic Physics disabler will occur if TPS is under this value.
# EG: If TPS is under 17, LagAssist will disable Physics
# TIP: Set to 0.0 to disable it.
maxtps: 17.0
# What should we disable? Please make sure this fits your game perfectly. If you have a cannoning server,
# disabling explosions would be useless. At the same time, you shouldn't enable them for a survival server.
physics: false
explosions: true
grassspread: true
melting: true
pistons: true
fire: true
liquidspread: true
decay: true
redstone: true
# Had reports of noteblock & observer machines to lag the server significantly
noteblock: true
# Benchmarking can be used to approximate the max players your server will be able
# to sustain.
# TIP: If you want more accurate results (and don't mind waiting longer), change the
# ftp link under here.
# Placeholders: %RND% - Generate random name (useful for upload testing).
# (!) The size for upload is in bytes. A MB = 1.000.000 bytes. Default is 50MB
link: ""
link: ""
size: 50000000
# Worlds where this plugin will have no effect. All lag-measures will simply be disabled.
# (!) Analysis features are not disabled. (LagMonitor, LagMap)
enabled: false
- blacklisted1name
- blacklisted2name
# The safety manager tries to lower the chances of a server crash when the server
# is under extreme load or doesn't have enough resources to run.
# It will safely shut down the server whenever the respective settings are met.
# (!) This is an experimental feature and is still not recommended by default.
enabled: false
# Triggered when the system's space is not enough for a minecraft server. Shutting
# down the server prevents glitched chunks from forming.
# Space for the server to start up in bytes. The default is 50 MB.
startup-space: 50000000
# Threshold under which server will safely shutdown th server. Default is 20MB.
shutdown-space: 20000000
# The anti-crasher module helps prevent players from crashing the server by spamming packets.
# It does so by limiting the amount of packets sent per second, along with their size.
# Useful against book crashers.
# When debug mode is on, you can see the serialized packets. Useful for analysing crash clients
# and solving them properly.
# (!) Only shows for packets that have a config location.
debug: false
# The amount of packets recorded before the player gets dropped.
drop-threshold: 350
# The amount of packets to 'forget' each second.
decay: 80
# The max size of packet allowed. Useful for huge pages, etc.
size: 10000
# Illegal values in the packet. The values are found using deserialzation.
# Fixing custom payload spam. May cause issues with bungee if you have some strange plugins. (Check size)
drop-threshold: 25
decay: 15
size: 15000
illegals: []
drop-threshold: 25
decay: 21
size: 5500
illegals: []
drop-threshold: 25
decay: 21
size: 5500
illegals: []
drop-threshold: 25
decay: 21
size: 2500
illegals: []
drop-threshold: 25
decay: 21
size: 22000
illegals: []
drop-threshold: 25
decay: 21
size: 19000
illegals: []
drop-threshold: 30
decay: 20
size: 10000
illegals: []
# The Log-Cleaner cleans old logs from the directories that you select. You can use this feature to get rid of old
# logs.
# maxsize = Max size (in megabytes) that the log needs to have in order to be cleaned.
# maxage = Max time (in days) that the log needs to have in order to get removed.
# (!) Both of these settings are independent. If any of these conditions are met, the
# (!) file will get removed.
enabled: false
- "logs/"
maxsize: 30
maxage: 7
# (!) Highly Experimental! - May cause irreversible damage to your server. Please use with care.
# The super loader feature allows LagAssist and other plugins to implement so called "NMS Expansions".
# NMS Expansions allow the modification of minecraft classes during runtime.
enabled: false # (!) - should not be enabled unless strictly necessary
# The statsbar can be accessed using /lagassist statsbar. You can configure it to better show your server
# performance, or to better resemble your server's design choices.
message: "&c&l⬛ &fTPS: &a{TPS} &7&m|&r &fMEM: &a{MEM}GB &7&m|&r &fCHKS: &a{CHKS} &7&m|&r &fENT: &a{ENT} &c&l⬛"
# The interval in which the TPS average is created. A lower value will be more acurrate but will fluctuate a lot.
# We suggest setting it around 6-12 for it to be the most precise.
tps-interval: 8
# How often should we refresh the statsbar? A lower value will look nicer and is more accurate, but might take more
# (yet a minuscule difference) processing power to show.
show-delay: 5
# The system that creates the lagmap.
# Do you want us to fully reserve filled_map:0? This will allow for placing lagmaps in spawns and giving them to players.
fully-reserve: false
# The LagAssist API provides tools for other plugins to get information from your server using
# unconventional methods such as server-icon serialization. This provides several improvements
# over plugin messaging.
# (!) Currently used in the Monitoring tool.
# Config section for server icon data.
# THE IPS allowed to use this api. Empty to disable
# this feature.
# (!) Star matches everything
- ""
- "*"
# This system allows you to configure the SmartUpdater Reminder. This
# system was developed to better notify users of important changes to
# the plugin and alert people using old and maybe inefficient ways of
# using the plugin.
# This feature allows you to choose which updates you will get
# notified for. The default should only announce stable versions.
enabled: true
# Don't announce updates that have been flagged as unsafe due to
# major issues that have been detected.
unsafe: false
# Minimum likes received for the update post. Likes are usually
# given when a large bug has been fixed or i've added a new feature.
min-likes: 1
# Minimum downloads to announce the update.
min-downloads: 10
# Minimum rating. Note that unrated counts as 5 stars.
min-rating: 3.95
# Tooltips notify you when something may be broken in the current LagAssist version along with
# information to help you to remedy the issue.
tooltips: true
# The untested system notifies you if you are using the plugin on untested versions in order
# to prevent misuse.
untested: true
# Controls for plugins LagAssist hooks into.
# Vault is used for paying money to users.
# How much should the money be cached before being paid. A smaller value means faster payments at the expense of performance.
cache-duration: 1200
# What message should show up to players that get paid. %amount% for paid amount.
message: "&c&lLag&f&lAssist &e» &fYou were paid %amount% in the paywave."
# This allows the system to update the config if the plugin is updated.
version: 32