MineWall is a Layer 7 mitigation toolset for protocol specifications like Minecraft.
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MineWall Explanation Schema

MineWall is a Layer 7 mitigation toolset for protocol specifications like Minecraft. It uses forensic data from multiple providers and experience working with 4 figure player Minecraft networks to mitigate bot attacks, spam pings, bungee crash attempts, etc.

It is mainly targeted at Minecraft servers, or applications having a similar networking footprint as the former. However, it may work well for other applications where proxies are the main tool used for attacks. It is highly recommended to test pre-deployment, and to take proper measures to optimize for your own end use-case.

A 3 layered approach

The application is comprised of 3 different layers of mitigation, depending on the validity of the source user:

  • The whitelist is used for IPs that are already validated as safe users.
  • The graylist is based on low risk countries that rarely are the source of bots. The behavior is to limit the connection speed with a permissive ratelimit.
  • The graylist (default) behavior is to strongly limit incoming connections via strict ratelimit.

Cloudflare Radar by Country


We believe transparency in our forensic research is key to replicability and the effectiveness of our solution. We've appended our sources below:

https://radar.cloudflare.com/ https://github.com/herrbischoff/country-ip-blocks

Explanatory Schema

MineWall Explanation Schema