24 Commits (efcde8d6692c37a2df2b438ced969e9d9f9bc240)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Stefatorus efcde8d669 Push 1.19 support 2 years ago
Stefatorus dfedd265d5 Updated to 2.27.0 3 years ago
Stefatorus 65df7013d2 Resolved integration with cloudflare speedtest. 3 years ago
Stefatorus af2c3f081e Color redsign and rebranding for EntryRise 3 years ago
Stefatorus f78fe6c5a4 Merge branch 'master' of https://git.entryrise.com/stefatorus/LagAssist.git 3 years ago
Stefatorus 2baa239327 Complete package refractoring + changed speedtest server to cloudflare. 3 years ago
stefatorus 93a26250c4 Merge pull request 'Updated & cleaned client side config' (#6) from elliot/LagAssist-updates:master into master 3 years ago
elliot c9429639ca Merge branch 'master' into master 3 years ago
elliot 03404c48f6 Updated & cleaned client side config 3 years ago
stefatorus 9597dd1ab4 Merge pull request 'Update config file to simplify user experience' (#5) from elliot/LagAssist-new_config:master into master 3 years ago
elliot 0248b7438d Update culler 3 years ago
elliot 8f55060321 Final server.yml config update 3 years ago
elliot e7078a91b9 Partial update on config re-write 3 years ago
Stefatorus 541e9aa456 Added min-stack, spawn reasons to stacker. 3 years ago
Stefatorus 76bddee979 Preparation for advert manager & solve client-side optimizer for 1.17 3 years ago
Stefatorus e0b97af352 Initial 1.17 commit. 3 years ago
Stefatorus a60e4910dd Farm stacker - additional commit 3 years ago
Stefatorus e788d419b2 Added farm item stacker 3 years ago
Stefatorus e42b9cb6a0 Push several fixes to upstream 3 years ago
Stefatorus 8c5939ec1c Fixed simpleslime with magmacubes + temp patch for redstone lever spam 4 years ago
Stefatorus 124a722e59 Code bounty 4 years ago
Stefatorus 3615301915 Modified readme. 4 years ago
Stefatorus e7219d8172 Added readme. 4 years ago
Stefatorus 533fa4fa5e Migrate to git. 4 years ago